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As we approach Christmas and the start of 2017, we’re beginning to reflect on a very successful 2016. We’ve worked with some fantastic people, creating films for the Primary Careers Conference, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and the NHS.  We’ve strengthened our relationships with schools and told their unique story through the use of beautiful visual […]

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There are few more daunting prospects than moving school, but the change from primary to secondary education seems to make the whole transfer more intimidating. When I was in this position myself, I specifically remember the challenges I faced in my attempts to overcome the overbearing sense of anxiety that plagued my thoughts. Yet the […]

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We’ve spent two days at the Talacre Community Sports Centre in Camden, shooting a documentary promotional film to showcase the talents, aspirations and dedication of a group of NVQ student sports coaches. As energetic young professionals the students spoke of the progression, sports badges and qualifications associated with their studies, opportunities for paid employment and […]

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We spent two wonderful days at Edge Grove School, meeting teachers and students and filming for their visual prospectus. Set in expansive grounds, the school offered a warm welcome and gave us a small taster of life there. All of the students, some of whom regularly board, were friendly, courteous and extremely enthusiastic about their […]

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Concocted from heresay and half-truths, the world and character of Arthur Pendragon makes for a spellbinding story and a fascinating protagonist to explore. Celebrated on screen, stage and page, modern versions cast him as a hero who plucks swords from boulders, commands gallant Knights and conjures plots with an eminent wizard. Through an imaginative and […]