Our Story

We make sure that every film we make supports and promotes good education whilst making a change in some way. Each film is carefully crafted to communicate your unique message right from the initial script and filming through to the post production stage.  Our intention is to share your story and ensure your message reaches as many people as possible.

Our films prove that the world of education is made up of everybody on this planet from teachers to students, the elderly, the experts and the famous – everyone has a role to play in contributing to the future.

See below for some of the films we specialise in.

Promotional, Brand and Campaign Films

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 17.08.19Our films enable you to connect with your audience in a fresh and intelligent way.  With storytelling at our heart we work with clients that need to tell their story, regardless of how big or small. Driven by our commitment to education, we have professional teachers as part of our team and we are dedicated to inspiring a desire for learning in both adults and children. All kinds of educational establishments, from nursery schools to universities, have benefited from our work, we’ve have also helped institutions as diverse as local authorities, UK government departments, charities and the NHS get their message across.

Visual Prospectuses

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 16.41.31We take a very personal approach to each and every prospectus film.  Our Visual Prospectuses will portray your commitment to education and the future of your students – tailored in a way to suit your core values.  Whilst watching these films, prospective parents and students gain a real insight into the atmosphere of the school, the facilities as well as the course options available.

Please contact info@filmineducation.com for more information and examples of recent projects.


Training and Development Films (CPD)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 15.56.46We create films to aid the teaching process and support CPD.  Whether it’s for research and development, for use in the classroom, or for giving teacher’s top tips to teach a lesson – our films provide a comprehensive programme of support.  Central to our Training and Development filmmaking is the principle that teachers should be offered training, opportunities and support to build and develop a satisfying and successful career.

We have helped teachers discover new ways of teaching a subject and we have also helped thousands of young people across London pick their next step. Whether it’s the NHS promoting exercise or the Institute of Education encouraging creative learning we have wide experience in producing films that project strong and clear messages to a variety of audiences.  With professional teachers on our team, Film in Education is expert in all parts of the education process. This insider knowledge means that along with offering excellent technical film making we can also help you hone your educational message to get the most from your project.


ScientistThe aim of our workshops is to encourage active learning specific to the curriculum through the mediums of film, performance and creative writing.  We work closely with young people to create films that will inspire and engage all ages as well as giving them the opportunity to learn about film making first hand, supported by industry professionals. The process is a fantastic evaluative opportunity – providing evidence of the students’ learning.

The films are a great educational resource, and can be used by teachers for years to come as a class introduction to the topic covered.

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