Welcome to St Paul’s Girls’ School – Visual Prospectus

Founded in 1904 as one of the first purpose built schools for girls, St Paul’s is a piquant mixture of tradition and innovation. The emphasis on liberal learning established by the first High Mistress Frances Gray and Director of Music Gustav Holst, finds expression today in an academically challenging curriculum, which emphasises intellectual freedom and discovery.

Paulinas enjoy the academic subjects: ancient Greek and Physics are popular, as are German and Maths. A broad co-curricular programme includes sport, exceptional music and drama as well as over 100 clubs, from political discussion group to dissection society, often led by girls. An education at St Paul’s is a quest for “that special illumination and largeness of mind” which comes from a pure pleasure in learning. Paulinas pursue ideas for their own sake and not simply in order to pass examinations.

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