Christ the King: Lewisham – Visual Prospectus

The students who attend Christ the King College undertake all of their learning on this site and are part of a prestigious, successful college where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their potential.  Christ the King came to us to discuss the making of more films after the previous ones we made with them proved to be a success. Christ the King, Lewisham, have a tradition of excellence and offer an extensive, comprehensive range of courses. Forty A level subjects, four BTEC National programmes and five BTEC First and Introductory courses mean that students have a great deal of choice available. With the wide range of courses to choose from we had a lot to fit into a busy filming schedule!

Their examination results are consistently outstanding and help to ensure that high numbers of students progress on to university each year, including progression to Oxford, Cambridge and other premier league universities. We were lucky to be able to speak to alumni that are currently studying at these institutions, we arranged a separate evening for past students to come and talk to us so we didn’t disrupt their work or study.

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Christ the King: St Mary's 2013
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